Rei = Higher Consciousness

 Ki = Universal Life Force

  A Japanese term & method, yet an ancient Universal Healing Light technique of laying on hands (light to no touch) with a neutral mind to allow the Ki to flow through the practitioner's chakras, warm palms
of light healing to the patient.  
This Bioenergy technique works to clear blockages, soothing the brain & body, while engaging the parasympathetic nervous system into natural healing, restoring the chakras; which are the energy stations/points of the body that flow along the meridians, governing the vital organs & endocrine glands to repair.  
In addition to the physical plane, the chakras also maintain the well being of one's mental, emotional & spiritual self.  
In Sanskrit, Chakra = Wheel of Light.  

Deep relaxation & harmony flows throughout the whole body, mind, & spirit. 

Reiki works well by itself or integrated with bodywork, EFT, 
guided visualizations and sound healing instruments

Reiki is present in depth hypnotherapy sessions as well.

All ages and health conditions are welcome, 
there are no contraindications.
Reiki can be remarkably beneficial before & after surgery/injury
as it aids in cellular regeneration.

for People, Plants, Animals & Homes (energy clearing)

Sessions can be in person or remote/virtual on Zoom and can go from 35min-1hour+ .. ranging from $45-$90+

 To schedule an appointment email 
or text (845) 688-8379

Cara Seaira is a certified Reiki Master, she began her Reiki training in Nepal at the Kathmandu Center of Healing, back in 2009 and received her Reiki Master Training at the Alternative Medicine Institute in India.

please email Seaira at if you are interested in a private or group Reiki I or II Training for self-care or to become a certified Practitioner; comes with the lifelong attunement, certification & manual, plus beneficial yogic exercises. .