with Depth Hypnotherapy

Sessions are guided by the practitioner and with your healing intentions to discover personal powerful aspects & heal: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.
Various and even mysterious pains or phobias can be unwound.  The body & soul's cellular memory reveal information in the sessions. 
You are fully supported in the process of discovering your soul's wisdoms and if needed, unwinding wounds from the past & present for a more peaceful & empowered future..
 Sessions include relaxing guided visualization with active awareness into an awakened bridge of one's conscious & subconscious life,
connecting deeply to Higher Self. .  *  . .
In Depth Hypnotherapy, you're awake the whole time in the session and it goes at your pace.

To book consultations & sessions, please call, text or email Seaira at huwmanheart@gmail.com . 631.678.7591

*Virtual Sessions available on Zoom*

Many thanks & blessings