wholistic healing Artist

A creator with many mediums: clay, paint, crystals, words..

Channeling the healing energy, Reiki~*~

Rei~ higher consciousness ::: Ki ~ Universal Lifeforce

for Huwmanity & Earth

 She feeLs to heaL in bodywork, Art, , Truth

for the Webs of Life,

 Celebrating HUWMANiSM by being a huwman being..

She can teach from a heartfull mind..

Art is Life & Life is Art...

 please enjoy the Art,

 & inquire for a custom order, class or healing appointment

Many Thanks & Blessings,

Cara Seaira

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 Bachelor of Fine Arts in Ceramics 

 Bachelor of Science in Art Education 

 Certified Wholistic Massage Therapist, CAMTC  

 Internationally Certified Reiki Master Teacher

E.F.T - Emotional Freedom Technique Training & Certification 

Certified Yoga Instructor in Therapeutic Astanga & Kundalini Yoga 

Depth Hypnotherapy & Spiritual Counseling Training & Certification 

Photo by E.Elliot . 2013

About Healing Artist, Cara Seaira

  Cara Seaira O'Brien, friend of the Sea, Air & Sun [Ra],
 as Cara, in Irish Gaelic, means friend.  

Cara Seaira comes from a passionate background working with clay for over the past twenty years, loving up the honoring of the elements, Source Forces of Life!  
Her artworks "Sing up the Earth" 
and her mission in life is to help heal Earth. 
Through guided personal healing work, she came to realize that her special sensitivities and strong hands would yield her to be of service in the healing dimension as well.  As her art has transformed from clay to people, she is devoted to the healing processes for huwmanity as that helps to heal the Earth.

Just as, Love the Sea, Love thy Self, heal thy Self, heal the Sea , ,  into infinity~~~~*

Cara Seaira is a registered CAMTC Massage Therapist, Reiki Master  & Yoga Instructor, with also a B.F.A, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Ceramics and a B.S, Bachelor of Science in Art Education from the University of New Paltz, New York. 
In 2009, Seaira traveled abroad to Nepal to hike the Himalayas, study Buddhism, yoga, Thai Massage and Reiki~ Energy Healing.  She is Internationally Certified in Thai Massage and Reiki Master Level from the Alternative Medicine College in India, where Seaira also received Teacher Training in Astanga Therapeutic Yoga.  Since 2016, Cara Seaira Paramdhyana has been teaching Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, trained in San Leandro, CA with
Prabhu Nam Kaur & Sat Santokh.  

Back in 2011, Cara Seaira attended the Loving Hands Institute in California receiving a Holistic Massage Therapist degree for Swedish & Deep Tissue Massage.  Her healing sessions also offer sound healing with a buffalo drum, rattle, tibetan singing bowl and the laying of crystals. 

Cara Seaira's Wholisitc Healing Arts Service is called, Love Infinity, because: 
"To believe and feel love for infinity, can truly & powerfully transcend healing obstacles with self.  To acknowledge one's self as an infinite being of energy, can expand & free the perhaps "suffering" self, of past, present or future.  To say 'Love Infinity' as a mantra, is to connect & vibrate the love to one's infinity, as it is, Infinity loves you too." ~* Cara Seaira O'Brien 

To continue her focus on expanding her understanding of the layers of truly healing one's being, Cara Seaira is trained in EFT- Emotional Freedom Technique and has training & certification in Shamanic Energy Healing techniques and Buddhist & Transpersonal psychology from an immersive Depth Hypnotherapy Program by Isa Gucciardi at the Foundation of the Sacred Stream in
Berkeley, California.  

Cara Seaira is on the path to become a Universalist Minister (or as she prefers, Universal Spirit Leader) for special ceremonies of life, love, death, rebirth and beyond!~* 

           One more notion Cara Seaira loves to share with everyone is, being a huwman being, from 2010's "A HuWoManifesto" -- A modern manifesto celebrating the evolved & wholistic spelling for human; huwman and biocentric concept, Huwmanism The noun & verb of a huwman being honors the balancing blend of masculine & feminine, yin & yang within everyone.  Huwmanism brings forth our ancient primal awareness of ecological interdependence, along with a practice of unconditional compassion for all life --> that can sync up with our modern lifestyles. 
for the Webs of Life, a #huwmane #huwmanity 

To Equality in the gender & skin spectrum! Check out
The HuWoManifesto & The Huwmen Being Book!
 All ages at huwmanbeing.com 
:::: Huwman Peaceiors Unite :::: 

 May We, Bear Bare BOLD BRAVe Love

for the Webs of Life !:)