Each piece is made with pure Earth gems & crystals for chakra balancing & strengthening.  Our body is rainbow light, our chakras follow the rainbow. [The Chakras are energy stations along the spine that govern vital organs, endocrine glands, one's physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual well being]  
          Each gem according to its color resonates with a chakra.

*Root chakra- Adrenal = red, black  - Jasper, Onyx
*Sacral/pelvic = Orange  - Carnelian , Tiger's eye
*Solar Plexus/stomach - Pancreas = yellow  - Citrine  
*Heart- Thymus = light green, pink - Aventurine, Jade, Rose Quartz
*Throat- Thyroid = sky blue - Turquoise, Amazonite
*Third eye- Pineal = indigo, dark blue  - Sodalite , Lapiz
*Crown- Pituitary = purple, gold, white - Amethyst, Clear Quartz

****Custom Orders are welcome, email Seaira : huwmanheart@gmail.com *your birthday and *any healing needs/intentions* and she can customize a healing gemstone jewelry piece for you!****