O H A - Outlet Healing Arts & Yoga with Cara Seaira
to help your organs, muscles, mind, heart & spirit..

Yoga Therapy:
Meditation as Medication

If you'd like a 
private 1-1 customized yoga set* 


 A Wholistic healing session with Reiki, E.F.T,
Sound therapy 
or Depth Hypnotherapy

a healing art experience* for a personal healing intention(s)/ritual* 


  a group Therapeutic Astanga, Kundalini Yoga,
Clay class or Painting or Art As Therapy class,

That can be arranged :),
please text Seaira: (845) 688-8379

or email huwmanheart@gmail.com, 

in person or

 anywhere on ZOOM

Many thanks & blessings*
Sat nam


Mervana, a skin-spectrumed ceramic life-size, Mermadonna, for all of Huwmanity & Earth.  2016
Offering unconditional compassion for all beings and a holding of healing sacred space for our 
Oceans of Emotions to flow into peace with ease & joy. .. 

Mervana is a Reiki attuned sculpture and is connected to the healing deities:
Green & White Tara, Mother Mary, Kwan Yin, Yemaya.. 

Our anxieties/stresses- emotions in commotion can also be soothed by a simple act of devotion,
like picking up plastic pollution, 
an easy solution to help keep the Waters of Life healthy * .


Cara Seaira makes art as it feels straight from her heart & hands & Spirit.  The common themes through her work are :
* Sing Up The Webs of Life * Ecology,

Equality & Integrity for all Life on Earth 

May we inSpiRe AcTiOn for the Seas, Trees, Huwmanities..

* * *

Collaborations & commissions are welcome, she'd love to hear your needs and ideas to grow with! 

Her methods & techniques have fine art training and are intuitive & flexible that derive from a spectrum of experiences and wholistic healing art trainings developed over years from around the world.  

Seaira's main inspiration and focus is to make public & personal healing art for an individual, a community, , The One Wide WorLd ~
Por La PachaMamaPapa!! For the MotherFather Earth <3
 Sat nam
 , Namaste

* * * * * * * * * * 

May we See for the Sea, the Waters of Life, pick up and be #plasticfree as can be for the Sea, All Life on Earth depends on healthy Oceans & Rivers :)
 #huwmankind #ecomind

                                                   * * * * * * * * * * * 

"Every handful helps, please #plasticfree for the Sea, in Rivers,
& streets too"
<3 The MerGuardians,
 #Mermates for #huwmanity, The #WebsofLife . ceramic 2018

      Mermate Amorr

    Sunrise into the Love Dimension
                         2011 oil

Ladylight in harmony

 Redwood Elder Family Love

2015, a Mermapadonnoa ,
Celebrating equality in the gender/skin spectrum, offering healing for huwmanity (= humans + webs of life;)

For more info about this Global Movement for Equality
in #Huwmankind with #Ecomind & #Equality in #etymology, please visit & share:

Photo by DNM