Healing Chakra Meditation Painting 

                     2011 oil on canvas

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 A Healing Yantra Chakra Painting,
 including the Mantras to be vibrated within or aloud. 2013
A yantra is an image for meditation.
A mantra is a word or sequence to help alleviate/direct the mind/body.
A chakra is an energy station of the body that governs a vital organ & gland that fosters a particular layer of our well-being; physical, emotional, mental & spiritual.   
A maThis painting is intended for a safe & pure Energy Healing Experience - A personal Tune-Up to bring in more life-force, more grounding, by clearing & charging each chakra from the left to right, bottom to top, exploring your lowest note
to highest note, from the bottom of your spine to top..:)
To clear & charge each chakra, the ancient Sanskrit bija chakra mantras in the painting can be chanted within or aloud (Lam, Vam, Ram, Ham, Yam, Om: the spelling in the painting is modified to help the vowel-sound expansion for an English speaker).
  The left, counter-clockwise spiral unwinds tension/blockages, clearing it.  The right, clockwise spiral charges the positive energy of grounding & uplifting each chakra.  Use & feel your intuition for how long to be with each chakra,
Visualize the healing light color with each chakra, with each sound,
allow the energy to move with
deep inhales, relieving exhales. 
  Honor your breath & waterfall medicine (tears:) 
Have fun exploring the healing sound current...
by @Cara_Seaira :: OutletHealingArts.org. ::

 A Chakra Yantra Painting, by Cara Seaira , acrylic on Silk , 2022

Namaste Huwman being - *ROCK YA CHAKRAS!* 
2013 paint textile 

Earth GoddesS* RiSing
oil 2006