The clay AND The SEA & The Mer  clan are telling me :: LETS GET PLASTiC FREE  
it's necessary,
for sustainability on this One planet..

. . . 

. . these MerGuardians/ Mermates/ Huwmermates below are here to show us : : : : 
The Tale of the Real Mer Tail :: PLASTiC POLLUTiON ::: The Health of the Sea depends on ME <> WE, #everyhandfulhelps ..
<3 <3
let's REDUCE, REUSE, REFUSE PLASTiC please <3<3 for the
#WebsofLife, #WaterisLife 

>>> #huwmanity #wakingup : : : #huwmankind #ecomind <<<

2018. created while on Kauai, these are MerMo'oMalamas - MerGuardians - Mermates - Aloha <3 

MerLeonessa, permanent exhibit at, The Henry Miller Library, in Big Sur, California 2020

                                                                   MerLeonessa -clay state-


                              Muirmamona, a ceramic, Reiki Attuned Mermadonna,

           Permanent Exhibit at the Cobh Heritage Museum, Ireland.  2017
                  Honoring the Oceans of Emotions from our Irish Ancestors
                                  and for all the present people emigrating.. 
               . . .she is listening, transmuting pain into golden loving light..   

          Great Thanks to the community of Schull: Deirdre Keaveny, Marc McCarthy, Marc O'Brien, Pat O'Connor,
            Nigel & Shiona James,  Kathleen Standen, Keith Payne, Sean O'Connell & Olive Fogarty O'Brien of Cobh. 


* * * * * *

Las Mermadonnas

* * * * *


by Cara Seaira

Mervana, a skin-spectrumed ceramic life-size, Mermadonna, for all of Huwmanity & Earth.  2016.

She is offering unconditional compassion for all beings and a holding of healing sacred space for our
Oceans of Emotions, feeling seen, flowing into peace with ease & joy. .. 

Mervana is Reiki Attuned by Seaira, and in creation in honor to the healing deities: Green & White Tara,
Yemaya, Kwan Yin & Mother Mary .. 

(((Our anxieties in commotion can also be soothed by a simple act of devotion, like picking up plastic pollution, 
an easy solution to help keep the Oceans of Life healthy;))


Mervana, accompanied by the SeaEarthScapes, each one-of-a-kind slip casted vessels
. . ceramic artworks of 2014-2016  

The First Sea of Huwmen Beings!  
     made by Cara Seaira & fellow huwmen, 2010

A HuWMan HeART Scene: Ode to Birch, Redwood &                                   Conscious Liiiving!::)) 


Ode to Huwmans, huwmen, living with Tree Elders


ceramic & crystals, 2014

                                                                                                                                                                     P: DNM

A  SeaEarthScape 
ceramic, 2014

* * * *


~~the Mermate Mantra


Mermate Artifacts 
ceramic & gold enamel

HuWMermates  Bear   Bare   BOLD  BRAVE  LOve ! 

Starring in:

A Mermate's Tale

Is a tale about the tail . ..

Where does it begin ? and says who?

'Tis been HiStory..

Now it's a Mermate's Story:

  I, mate of the Sea,  Bear   Bare   BOLD  BRAVE  LOVE

Swimming in My WiLL

I am Safe

Saving with my Heart

I am Free

Living in mercy to the Sea!

Oh dear Oceans! Rivers! Lakes & Ponds!


To All Bodies of Water!  Source forces of Liiiiife*

Thanks be to the Elements

I thrive alive because of thee

And in the Odyssey of a Goddussey

You will find that

Mermates are real

just like you

& me

 . . .

 Cara Seaira O'Brien 2014

Huwmermate Peaceiors!
*~To Infinity & Beyond!~*                     


Huwmermates & Mermapadonnoas are offering,
To be your Guide
into the Sea within
safe space , free will 

Consciousness & Compassion.

Heal by the tear 

release the fear
tension, confusion, pain,  grief & guilt..

Flood, Flush, Purify

Waterfall Medicine~~ flushing all tension ~~ * 

Cara Seaira O'Brien  2014

Waterfall Medicine Guides


MerRobin, the epic mermate that waz. 2020.. in the Redwoods of Henry Miller Library, Big Sur, California