Healing Chakra Meditation Painting 

                     2011 oil

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 A Healing Yantra Chakra Painting, including the Mantras to be vibrated within or aloud. 2013
A Yantra is an image for meditation. 
This painting is intended for an Energy Healing Experience: 
To clear & charge each chakra from the left to the right.  The sanskrit bija chakra mantras in the painting can be chanted within or aloud (Lam, Vam, Ram, Ham, Yam, Om: the spelling in the painting is modified to help the vowel-sound expansion for an English speaker).
  The left, counter-clockwise spiral unwinds tension/blockages, clearing it.  The right, clockwise spiral charges the positive energy of grounding & uplifting each chakra.  Use & feel your intuition for how long to be with each chakra,
 allow the energy to move with deep inhales, relieving exhales. 
  Honor your breath & waterfall medicine (tears:) 
Have fun exploring the healing sound current...

Namaste Huwman being - *ROCK YA CHAKRAS!* 
2013 paint textile 

Earth GoddesS* RiSing
oil 2006