wholistic healing Artist

A creator with many mediums: clay, paint, crystals, words..

Channeling the healing energy, Reiki~*~

for Huwmanity & Earth

 She feeLs to heaL in bodyworkArt & truth

for the Webs of Life,

 Celebrating HUWMANiSM by being a huwman being..

She can teach from a heartfull mind..

Art is Life & Life is Practice...

 please enjoy the art 

 & inquire for a custom order, class or healing appointment

Many Thanks & Blessings,

Cara Seaira

www.LoveInfinityHealing.com            www.HuwmanBeing.com



 Bachelor of Fine Arts in Ceramics

 Bachelor of Science in Art Education

 Certified Wholistic Massage Practitioner, CAMTC  

 Internationally Certified Reiki Master

 Certified Yoga Instructor in Therapeutic Astanga & Kundalini Yoga 

Depth Hypnotherapy Training & Certification 

A friend of the Sea, Air & Sun, 
 bearing bare bOLD BRAVE LOVE
as a
huwmermate ;)              

iPor La PachaMamaPapa! 

Cara = friend in Gaelic.  Ra = Sun in Egyptian.  .
huwman= any person that practices compassion & consciousness for
the Webs of life.  

Pachamama= Mother Earth in Quechua, Incan language..