2 Upcoming Yoga Workshops in SF:
 10/21/17: Awaken the Healer within, Yogic Chakra healing
11/11/17: Kundalini Yoga Workshop
for more info please click on "workshop tab".. 
Yoga, healing, & Reiki private/group workshop requests welcome too:)
*many thanks & blessings* 
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 a ceramic lifesize Mermadonna by Cara Seaira


Cara Seaira makes art as it feels straight from her heart & hands, connected to all relations.  The common theme through her work is to express truth, singing up the Webs of Life & Love..  

Collaborations & commissions are welcome, she'd love to hear your needs and ideas to grow with! 

Her methods & techniques are intuitive & flexible that derive from a spectrum of experiences and holistic healing art trainings developed over years around the world.  

Seaira's main inspiration and focus is to make public & personal healing art for an individual, a community, , The One Wide WorLd ~ Por La PaChaMamaPapa!! For the Mother*Father EARTh*<3 Sat nam. 

      Mermate Amorr

    Sunrise into the Love Dimension
                         2011 oil

Ladylight in harmony

 Redwood Elder Family Love

a MerMaPadonnoa 
offering healing for huwmanity (= huwmans + webs of life;)

Photo by DNM