~To the Oceans of Liiife!~

The First Sea of HuWMan Beings!  
Made by Cara Seaira & fellow huwmans, 2010

A HuWMan HeART Scene: Ode to Birch, Redwood & Liiife! 


Ode to Huwmans living with Tree Elders


ceramic & crystals, 2014


A  SeaEarthScape 
ceramic, 2014

Bear   Bare   BOLD   BRAVE   LOve! 


Mermate Artifacts 
ceramic & gold enamel

HuWMermates  Bear   Bare   BOLD  BRAVE  LOve ! 

Starring in:

A Mermate's Tale

Is a tale about the tail . ..

Where does it begin ? and says who?

'Tis been HiStory..

Now it's a Mermate's Story:

  I, mate of the Sea,  Bear   Bare   BOLD  BRAVE  LOVE

Swimming in My WiLL

I am Safe

Saving with my Heart

I am Free

Living in mercy to the Sea!

Oh dear Oceans! Rivers! Lakes & Ponds!


To All Bodies of Water!  Source forces of Liiiiife*

Thanks be to the Elements

I thrive alive because of thee

And in the Odyssey of a Goddussey

You will find that

Mermates are real

just like you

& me

 . . .

 Cara Seaira O'Brien 2014

Huwmermate Peaceiors!
*~To Infinity & Beyond!~* 


Huwmermates & Mermapadonnoas are offering,
To be your Guide
into the Sea within
safe space , free will 

Consciousness & Compassion.

Heal by the tear 

release the fear
tension, confusion, pain,  grief & guilt..

Flood, Flush, Purify

Waterfall Medicine..

Cara Seaira O'Brien  2014

Waterfall Medicine Guides