A HuWoManifesto A HuWoMaNiFeSTO, 2010: Celebrating a wholistic / bio-centric spelling of human, evolving it with biological integrity, honoring the source  & conscious compassion for faith, gender & skin spectrum #equality in #huwmanity living with the #WebsOfLife, , there is less strife! 
we can better than survive, we can thrive!-huwmanely!  

#huwmankind  #ecomind 

To the mountains and the valleys! Healthy Oceans, rivers, & waterfalls!
To all Bodies of Water, all creatures!
>>> Thriving forests = thriving ecosystems = thriving people <<<


for We & Me

((if this resonates, please share & use the wholistic spelling:

honoring all parts to the whole,
 we all have a role..:)

you decide!

1 <3 
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Huwman beings made of clay, made by many huwman beings in 2010, atmospheric ceramic fire